Brodie Furgeson

Business Intelligence Analyst
SQL | Python | R | Excel | Power BI | Tableau

Portfolio Projects

Retail Profitability Dashboard

Retail superstore chain profitability analysis presented in an interactive Tableau dashboard.

R Markdown
Bicycle Ride Share Case Study

Exploratory data analysis of a bicycle ride sharing company dataset to answer questions about the riding behaviour of users. R was used to explore, clean, transform and visualize the results of the analysis. The case study is published in R Markdown format.

Apple Global Revenue Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard analysis of Apple's Global Revenue broken down by product category.

SQL BigQuery, Tableau
Google Merchandise Store Analytics Dashboard

ETL of big data - obfuscated Google Analytics 360 data from the Google Merchandise Store - to create a web analytics dashboard with KPIs related to web traffic, session duration, bounce rate, and others to analyze the performance of the webstore in it’s first year of operation.


My background is in consumer electronics sales, where I discovered an unlikely passion for digging through data and sharing business insights with my team.I made the jump into studying data analysis recently and haven't looked back.Based in Greater Vancouver, Canada.